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Farm Produce

We provide the freshest and tastiest produce straight from the farm to your plate in less than a day.

Quality Meat

 Our grass fed beef is top of the range. Perfect for BBQs, stews and Sunday roasts

Quality Groceries

We have your favorite groceries including exotic items from Zimbabwe and South Africa.

 Exotic Vegetables

We grow your favorite exotic vegetables including pumpkin leaves, Tsunga etc.

We produce exotic produce locally and that means we cut food miles hence guaranteeing the freshness of our produce and cutting our carbon footprint.
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We provide the freshest and tastiest produce straight from the farm to your plate in less than a day.
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Exotic vegetables

Farm Produce

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Grass fed beef

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Why choose our healthy Products?

We are industry pioneers and innovators

  • UK’s first farmer to produce White maize for human consumption with a 20-year proven track record
  • The first farmer in the UK to grow white sweetcorn and white maize
  • The first farmer to farm the Kiwano melon in the UK (Magaka)
  • The first farmer to grow maize that is suitable for milling in the UK
  • The first farmer to supply Sainsbury’s supermarket and Harrod’s with white sweetcorn
  • The first farmer to successfully farm sweet sorghum in the UK (Ipwa/Infe)

UK wide delivery SAME day and OVERNIGHT delivery services

  • Same day delivery: We are one of a few UK farming businesses that harvest and deliver on the same day
  • Overnight delivery service: We harvest our products towards the end of the day and they are delivered overnight and are on the customer’s door within a 24-hour window insuring freshness

Food security & Diversity in culinary choices

  • We are playing our role in ensuring food security in the UK by reducing food & supply chain risks caused by events such a Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic etc.
  • Introducing new exotic produce further enriching the UK’s food culture and ecosystem through a diverse range of produce

Premium Quality

  • Always 100% fresh from the farm
  • We guarantee that our products are harvested on the day and delivered on the same day, within a 24-hour window
  • We produce premium products from our unique varieties that have been scientifically engineered for the UK Climatic conditions

Environmentally sustainable farming methods & reducing our carbon footprint

  • We DO NOT use pesticides on our produce thus, playing our part in environmental conservation
  • Farm byproducts used for animal feed and natural fertilizer
  • Through our innovations, we are farming products which would otherwise be imported here in the UK reducing emissions and food miles

Exotic Groceries and Grass-fed meat

  •  We sell your favorite varieties of Zimbabwean, South African, Afro-Caribbean groceries
  • Grass fed beef, Poultry, Pork and venison

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