This month we are delivering in the following cities, get your orders in.

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DEL SCHEDULE: 14 August  to 21 August
Date City Ordering link
Monday, 14 August Norwich
Monday, 14 August Ipswich
Monday, 14 August Peterborough
Tuesday, 15 August Swindon
Tuesday, 15 August Bath, Chippenham, Bridgewater, Weston-super-mare
Tuesday, 15 August Bristol 
Tuesday, 15 August Cardiff
Tuesday, 15 August Plymouth 
Tuesday, 15 August Newport 
Wednesday, 16 August Oxford 
Wednesday, 16 August Nottingham 
Thursday, 17 August Manchester 
Thursday, 17 August Rochdale
Thursday, 17 August wigan
Thursday, 17 August Bolton
Thursday, 17 August Stoke on Trent
Friday, 18 August Hull 
Friday, 18 August Leeds
Friday, 18 August Sheffield
Friday, 18 August Wakefield
Friday, 18 August Doncaster
Friday, 18 August Barnsley
Friday, 18 August Bradford
Saturday,19 August kettering 
Saturday,19 August Coventry
Saturday,19 August Northampton
Saturday,19 August Corby and Wellingborough
Sunday, 20 August Barnsley 
Sunday, 20 August Huddersfield
Sunday, 20 August Sheffield
Monday,21 August Basildon 
Monday,21 August Southend
Monday,21 August Leicester
Monday,21 August Derby
Monday,21 August Nottingham
Monday,21 August Wrexham 
Monday,21 August Chester
Monday,21 August Liverpool
DEL SCHEDULE: 22 August to 28 August
Date City Ordering link
Tuesday, 22 August Slough 
Tuesday, 22 August Maidenhead
Tuesday, 22 August Reading
Tuesday, 22 August Milton keynes
Tuesday, 22 August Southampton
Tuesday, 22 August Portsmouth
Tuesday, 22 August Chichester
Tuesday, 22 August Bordon
Tuesday, 22 August Havant
Wednesday, 23 August Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow & Hamilton) 
Wednesday, 23 August Aldershot 
Wednesday, 23 August Crawley
Wednesday, 23 August Guildford
Wednesday, 23 August Basingstoke
Wednesday, 23 August Woking
Wednesday, 23 August Surrey
Wednesday, 23 August Worthing
Wednesday, 23 August Brighton
Wednesday, 23 August farnham & Surrounding
Thursday, 24 August Manchester 
Thursday, 24 August Rochdale
Thursday, 24 August wigan
Thursday, 24 August Bolton
Thursday, 24 August Stoke on Trent
Thursday, 24 August Ashford (Canterbury to pick in Ashford) 
Friday, 25 August Hull
Friday, 25 August Leeds
Friday, 25 August Sheffield 
Friday, 25 August Wakefield
Friday, 25 August Doncaster
Friday, 25 August Barnsley
Friday, 25 August Bradford
Friday, 25 August Leicester 
Friday, 25 August Watford
Friday, 25 August West London & Surrounding  
Saturday, 26 August kettering
Saturday, 26 August Coventry
Saturday, 26 August Northampton 
Saturday, 26 August Corby and Wellingborough
Saturday, 26 August Colchester
Saturday, 26 August Chelmsford 
Saturday, 26 August Nottingham 
Sunday, 27August Barnsley 
Sunday, 27 August Huddersfield
Sunday, 27 August Sheffield
Sunday, 27 August Liverpool
Monday, 28 August Darlington 
Monday, 28 August Durham
Monday, 28 August Middlesborough
Monday, 28 August Newcastle
Monday, 28 August Sunderland
Monday, 28 August Stoke on Tees
Monday, 28 August Washington
Monday, 28 August Derby 
Monday, 28 August Andover
Monday, 28 August Bornemouth
Monday, 28 August Salisbury
Monday, 28 August Kent 
Monday, 28 August Bromley 
Monday, 28 August Chatham 
Monday, 28 August Dartford 
Monday, 28 August Gravesend 
Monday, 28 August Medway 
If your city is not on the schedule, you order by  Standard  Delivery or contact us for more info: Contact Us